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Various games that all users can enjoy are available through the Practice Mode. You can play Count-Up, where the point is to accumulate a higher score than your opponent through the various rounds. You can also play Jump Up where a player must increase the multiplication rate to exceed a total score of 10,000 points.

Cricket Count-Up
Bull Shoot
VS Archery
Up down count up

Basic game for practice where the scores are simply accumulated. Aim at the bull's eye to score over 1000 points.

Count-Up game where you can only score by targeting the designated cricket numbers of each round. Usually used to practice cricket matches.

Count-Up game where you can only score by hitting the bull's eye. Usually used to practice 01Game.

Begins with a basic score of 40. You can increase your scores by hitting the designated target. You get to throw 3 darts in each round. If you fail to hit the target in the round, your score would be halved.

[Archer] from PHOENIX has returned in VSPHOENIX with a new game method. Become an eminent archer by targeting the board.

[Over] from PHOENIX has returned in VSPHOENIX. Scores are added when you exceed the target point displayed on the screen.

Scores gained at the plus rounds are added. Scores lost at the minus rounds are deducted. The player with the highest scores at the end of the final round wins.

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