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Mit dem VS Mode kann man direkt mittels 2 Kameras mit anderen Spielern auf der ganzen Welt live spielen.
Es sind über 40'000 Phoenix Dartgeräte online.


Die High-Definition-Kamera Dual-Cam wurde in jeder Maschine mit VERSUS Movie von VSPHOENIX eingebaut und realisiert.


Sie können ihnren Gegner auf der Standby-Listefrei wählen und Sie können mit Gegnern der gleichen Spielstärke spielen.
Ein realistisches VS Online-Spiel wird wahr.


The 1 vs. 1, single battle is based on scores of 01-game and standard cricket game and the superiority rank will be indicated. The VERSUS Rank is only targeted for 1 vs. 1, single battle as game data; therefore, the superiority of true darts winning or losing is indicating.
Each individual does not need to use PHOENIX card.  


You can check your LOCAL score, ONLINE score or OVERALL battle score

How to play a VERSUS

If you set a single mode to play a VERSUS game, it automatically becomes VERSUS The 01-Game and Standard Cricket are included in VERSUS game.
The video game is available in either the battle at the SHOP or ONLINE battle You can play at the VSPHOENIX.


You need a PHOENIX CARD to use VERSUS Game.
Even you apply a Handicap, it reflects on your VERSUS score

About RANK?

VERSUS rank is composed of 15 grades. Starts with no rank and the best grade is rank 15.
The title will be divided according to each rank level.


・The best Rank 15, "VERSUS KING" will be on the hall of honor

For VERSUS KING only                      For VERSUS KING only

A RANK15 『VERSUS KING』is a special RANK.
It is the highest grade which wins the best honor rank; therefore, the rank changes due to the battle will be removed.

Furthermore, the privileges for VERSUS king only, including style (game screen background), dart throw, mark award, camera frame are applied to VERSUS King.

Challenge yourself toward the best rank VERSUS king which can be called as hall of the honor.

Automatically downgrade of RANK

If you don't play at VERSUS and it keeps for long time, your grade will be going down, no matter the scores.
If you don't play the game more than 60 days, your rank will go down by 1. Your rank will go down by 1 per 30 days.
The automatic downgrade is applying at the rank 15, versus king.

BATTLE METER and 『Upgrade battle』 ,『Downgrade battle』

The VERSUS rank will be changed according to upgrading/downgrading meter of battle meter.
The upgrading indicates the point if you win at the battle. The downgrading meter indicates the point that fills if you lose at the battle.

Change your point by opponent's rank

The upgrading points, if opponent's rank is higher than yours, you can win more points and if opponent's rank is lower than yours, you can win smaller points.

Inversely, downgrading point, if your opponent's rank is higher than yours, smaller point will be added and if yours is lower than opponents, more point will be added.
The point needs to go upgrade for each rank and setting

The Icon will be indicated on screen if you place a bet a RANK

・Upgrading battle

This game is called as 'upgrade battle' if you win a battle, your upgrade meter will be 100%, therefore, your rank go up by 1. If you win this upgrade battle, your rank go up and battle meter will reset.

・Downgrading battle

This game is called as downgrade battle. If you lose a game, your downgrade meter becomes 100%; therefore, your rank will go down by 1. If you lose this battle, your rank will go down by 1 and the battle meter will reset.

・Up/downgrading battle

This game is called as up/downgrade battle, if you win a battle, your upgrade meter becomes 100%. If you lose, your downgrade meter becomes 100%. Your battle meter will reset if you win, your meter will go up by 1. If you lose, your meter will go down by 1.

Make 100% of upgrading meter before downgrading meter becomes 100%
In other words, if your upgrade meter becomes 100% before downgrade meter becomes 100% and your status upgrade to the next rank, you can upgrade to next rank without downgrade.


・Versus Rank

You can check current battle meter status, winning or losing rate, winning rate, winning streak records, each numbers of happy gold


The STATS indicating inside of VERSUS page is the data only extracted from VERSUS subject game.

This is computed STATS data based on previous VERSUS play data.

It is computed data based on play data of VERSUS game in VS online battle with DUAL CAM between VSPHOENIX machines. You can check combining VESUS CAMERA STATS on VERSUS CAMERA in MY PAGE.

VERSUS LOCAL in indicating battle state when you find you opponent at the shop directly.
VERSUS LOCAL of the STATS is aggregating only VERSUS LOCAL data.

VERSUS ONLINE indicates state of playing a net-work communication battle which is allowed to battle with VS MODE. (Date of VERSUS camera is included).

The VERSUS ONLINE of STATS will only aggregate VERSUS online data.

・battle analysis NEW

The distributions of game (01-game, cricket), opponent's camera, and opponent's area can be visualized through the win graph.
You can analyze the VERSUS battle.


VERSUS MOVIE refers to a VS ONLINE match using the DUAL CAM of VSPHOENIX machines.   

See how to to play VERSUS MOVIE>>

What is a Dual Cam?
Dual Cam refers to the two cameras mounted on the VSPHOENIX machine. The first camera displays the entire body of the player while the second camera displays the target board.

GOLD battle

Gold Battle refers to a match where players bet their GOLD points. The amount of Gold that can be bet depends on the VERSUS RANK of the players. You can take the GOLD of your opponents if you win.

How to bet Gold

Before starting the game (usually when deciding the player to go first), use the triangle up/down arrows of the machine to set the amount of Gold for betting.

※GOLD BATTLE is only available in VERSUS LOCAL (Individual matches). It is not available in VS ONLINE matches (Including camera online matches). Gold Battle is available in the following games: 301~701 / S.Cricket / Count-Up / Pro Mode

* Matches are excluded

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